You may want to disconnect politics when forming views on abortion

Women, Children and Animals are considered property in many parts of the world. Their rights vary by country. Several progressive movements around the world strive to enhance these rights, and to seek to grant individual rights to animals.

With children, legal paternity exposes a rhetoric of ownership, possession, and exchange…

Your ability to judge what is “good for the society” may be overrated

In a well-functioning democracy, elected governments and its institutions reflect the will of the majority. Elections seek out this will.

When every voter votes with an intention to better the lives of themselves and their dependents (and only themselves and their dependents), the results of the election will fairly represent…

A financial partnership deal must include financial consideration

Unromantically speaking, marriage is the commencement of an economic partnership between two individuals.

Why Anti-Dowry Laws Exist?

In dependent societies like those in India, after marriage the bride typically moves in with the groom’s family, and unlike in independent societies like those in the West, the couple doesn’t find a…

Texas anti-abortion law violates Castle Doctrine

Texas Castle Doctrine laws recognize the right of an individual to enforce one’s property rights against infiltrators with no obligation to retreat. Since a gun is presumed to be the most likely instrument of enforcement, castle doctrine laws often get labeled as “gun laws” by several among the commons.


…and could he have succeeded?

Socialist ideas favor a consumer point of view and are less considerate of the provider or producer point of view. Consumer point of view is easier to comprehend. Someone who has taken a service or used a product could have a consumer point of view…

Jacob Jose

Strategy Analyst in search of Actionable Social and Economic Insights.

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